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Secret Project!

So, since it’s listed on Amazon and GoodReads, I figure it’s okay to go ahead and tell you about my current secret project! I’m working on a Selection-related novella! The novella will be out in March (I think), and will only available in an e-format. I can’t tell you anything about the content, but I will tell you this:

The novella takes place within the timeline of the first book.

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Cool Things

Okay, a few things. First, yes, we have power again and are safe and sound! Thanks for all your concern over the last few days.

Second, in case you missed it, The Selection is heading to China! As with most of the translations, I'm not sure when it will be there, but I'm working on that. Honest!

And third, The Selection Series Facebook page posted the playlist for The Selection! A few quick notes about this: What You Wish For by Guster is on there twice, but it's only in the playlist once. And there are two songs on the list that didn't have, but I wanted you to know they were in there: It's a Disaster by OK Go, and Spinning by Jack's Mannequin. I hope you have fun lining up songs and scenes!

In not exactly an update news, I'm hoping to share some info about the CW pilot soon. I have to get the ok from some peeps first!

And... that's it. This time next week, I'll be snuggling with Zuzu! Wahooooo!

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Pilot Update

If you’ve been poking around, you might have already seen the news, but, if not, here’s what I know about The Selection pilot as of right now:

We are not on the fall schedule. And it turns out this is a good thing! The pilot, while very strong, wasn’t quite what people (not sure which people) thought it could be. But instead of dropping the show entirely, the CW plans to reshoot it.

From what I understand, the writers and producers are staying, and Aimee will stay on as America for sure, but some of the characters might be replaced and the script might be reworked. I have no clue and no say over who stays and goes, and I don’t know what they would change in the script. I pretty much find things out as they happen, about 5 minutes before you guys do. Sometimes not even that!

It sounds like the CW plans to move quickly, so we might see news in the next few months. If the pilot looks better the second time around, we might see the show air in mid-season (I think that means in the spring) or next summer. And that is actually a good thing, too!

There’s a chance that Book 2 will be out before or near the time the show would air, which means there’s more world for you to be grounded in. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m WAY into reading books before watching the shows or movies, so this possibility makes me happy.

And I think that’s everything. Stay tuned, of course. TV stuff seems to happen fast! I’ll keep you posted!

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More Translations & a Book 2 Update

In case you missed my agent tweeting this morning, The Selection is now heading to Indonesia and Hungary! Foreign sales are one of my favorite things ever, so this makes me very happy. Some people have asked for release dates for the other countries The Selection is coming to, and I'm afraid I don't have much information on that front. I do know that it is already out in France and Canada, and that the UK, New Zealand, and Australia should be getting it in August. I'll try to find out more for you guys about those.

Also! Everyone keeps asking when Book 2 will be coming your way, or if I could tell you what the name is. We are editing Book 2 right now, and it should be out in the spring of 2013. Stay tuned for an official date coming in the next few months. Also... I can't spill the name just yet. I don't think you'll have to wait too long, but just hold on a bit more!

Soon, I'll be posting some extras about The Selection on the site, and so will the rad peeps over at HarperTeen. Play lists, deleted scenes, and scenes from other POVs will be coming to keep you busy while we all wait for the next book.

And, I know I've already said this, but thanks a gazillion times over for your enthusiasm and for putting The Selection on the NYT Bestsellers List. You guys are keen.

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We have our Aspen! This is William Moseley, who you might remember from the Narnia movies. This picture is actually of William landing in Vancouver to start shooting! According to the writer/producers Liz and Sarah, shooting for the pilot starts in less that 48 hours! I cannot believe how fast this is going! I'm thrilled to see the trio cast, and I'm beside myself waiting to see what they do. I wish them all crazy great luck!

There have been several other roles cast, but it's getting way too hard for me to keep up with this kind of posting. From now on, I encourage people to check the Selection IMDb page for updates.

If I get any other concrete pilot news I can share, I will. For now, we wait and see!

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Our queen, king, & a totally awesome rebel leader

More exciting casting news! Leonor Varela is Queen Amberly, Martin Donovan is our King Clarkson, and Peta Segeant is Gaia, a rebel leader.

Each time I see a new announcement, I just get giddy! The people in charge of the casting are doing a fantastic job. I look at Leonor and Martin and think "those two people could make someone who looks like Ethan!" and I'm so happy to see the royal family all together now. And Peta! I'm always afraid I'll say too much, but from what I've seen of the script, she totally looks up to the task of play Gaia.

Congratulations y'all! Welcome to the team!


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More Casting News!

I just realized that I forgot to add the lastest addition to The Selection pilot cast. Sean Patrick Thomas is on to play Sylvan, one of the queen's advisors. I'd like to tell you something about this particular character, but I'll probably just get myself in trouble. Alas. I hate keeping secrests! Anyway, Sean has been super sweet, so go follow him on twitter.


Congratulations, Sean!

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Red Tree and Facebook

I’m excited to announce that my agent Elana has started her own boutique literary agency, Red Tree Literary. I’m happy to be with an agent who is so very enthusiastic about the select projects she’s chosen and is keeping things on the small side so we all get personal attention. Very excited!

Also, HarperTeen has created a Facebook page for The Selection. If you go like the page, you can read the first few chapters and enter to win an advance copy of the book! Good luck!

The Selection

Overdue Update

A few weeks ago, I found out that The Selection will be translated in France and Germany! I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to see what happens with my little story overseas. So bonjour and guten tag to all the new readers!

Also, I've seen the cover art, and I have to tell you it's sooooo beautiful! I'm not sure when I'll be able to share, but trust me, it's worth the wait. :)