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Pilot Update

If you’ve been poking around, you might have already seen the news, but, if not, here’s what I know about The Selection pilot as of right now:

We are not on the fall schedule. And it turns out this is a good thing! The pilot, while very strong, wasn’t quite what people (not sure which people) thought it could be. But instead of dropping the show entirely, the CW plans to reshoot it.

From what I understand, the writers and producers are staying, and Aimee will stay on as America for sure, but some of the characters might be replaced and the script might be reworked. I have no clue and no say over who stays and goes, and I don’t know what they would change in the script. I pretty much find things out as they happen, about 5 minutes before you guys do. Sometimes not even that!

It sounds like the CW plans to move quickly, so we might see news in the next few months. If the pilot looks better the second time around, we might see the show air in mid-season (I think that means in the spring) or next summer. And that is actually a good thing, too!

There’s a chance that Book 2 will be out before or near the time the show would air, which means there’s more world for you to be grounded in. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m WAY into reading books before watching the shows or movies, so this possibility makes me happy.

And I think that’s everything. Stay tuned, of course. TV stuff seems to happen fast! I’ll keep you posted!