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Officially Kiera

After trying to register myself on a social media site recently only to find there was already a Kiera Cass on there pretending to be me, I realized it might be helpful for you guys to have a list of all the social media sites I’m actually on, and the names I’m listed under. This way, if you only want the serious book stuff, you know exactly where to go. Or if you're looking for shenanigans, well, I can help you there as well!

But let’s start with my website. Everything on this site is 100% official and completely book related. I keep this as up to date as possible since this is the hub. If there is something you feel should be covered here and isn't, please leave a comment. I want you guys to be able to find all the information you need somewhere here!

Twitter- (Kiera Cass) Twitter is probably the way I communicate with my readers the most. It’s the fastest way to get information out, and I sometimes share things there before I do on my website. It depends. It’s a little bit of everything: book stuff, family stuff, lots of lyrics, and I like to do chats (a la Question Monday) there. I do not follow back, but I do read ALL of my replies. Even if I don't respond, I see you!

Facebook- (Professional: Kiera Cass) I do have a personal facebook page, but I am no longer adding people there if I do not know you and am in the process of deleting most unknown friends. Unless I ask you to, please don't send me a friend reqest. Also, I do not read the direct messages here. I post lots of book things on my personal page but am currently moving all bookish things to my author page. It is co-run by Samantha (who set up the page and ran it almost completely on her own for years, all the while giving me access to it. Very cool!) and myself. All official book things.

Tumblr- (partylikeawordstar) This started as a place to collect awesome fanmade art, AUs, etc. I reblog a lot of that, as well as a bunch of stuff about One Direction and the book world in general. I also tend to answer questions there because I can do it in a longer form than twitter. This is a pretty laid back version of me, and not intended to be a professional platform. I share things there because there's a fandom, but it's pretty chill. Tags I check: Kiera Cass, partylikeawordstar, The Selection, The Elite. Not The One because of random junk.

Youtube- (kieracass) My channel is a mix of things. I make lots of videos following the publishing process, as well as general videos about life, and there’s a bunch of stuff about my kids. I don't post there often these days, but I still love making videos.

Pinterest- (Kiera Cass) I do have boards dedicated to every book I've made at the moment. I also have ones about food, clothes, Rob Pattinson, and things that make me laugh. I don't update often.

Vine- (Kiera Cass) Almost exclusively videos of my kids. This is mostly for me and my family to enjoy, but you’re welcome to follow. Tags I check: KieraCass, TheSelection.

Instagram- (partylikeawordstar) This is a new one for me, and I don’t intend to use it very often, but you never know. Tags I might check: partylikeawordstar, KieraCass, TheSelection

There are a handful of other places you can find me as well like GoodReads and Google+, but I am never there. It's a waste to try to contact me through those mediums.

I hope this explains things and helps you decide what's most useful for you as a reader. Naturally, I can't participate in everything, so my time on certain places is limited. I would personally suggest you find me on twitter to be most up to date. Thanks for hanging out with me!

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Over the years, I've prided myself in personally responding to all the emails readers would send me. Then a little while after The Selection came out, I had to start using a form response. And then there were so many emails I could hardly make time to read them all! It's a really cool problem to have, but I've felt very guilty about not being able to write back. So, as of today, there is no longer an email form on my contact page. I make myself very available through twitter, tumblr, and facebook, and if there are brief questions, I can usually answer them there. Also! I do have an FAQ page, and 90% of the time, the things you're asking about are already answered there.

I hope that those of you who want to say hi will still stop by and tweet at me from time to time. I'm having to cut back on some things to keep doing this job well, and I think this will make things smoother for all of us.

If you happen to have questions about rights or events, my agent and my publicist are both listed on my contact page and will be able to help with professional inquiries.

Thanks for being so enthusiastic, guys! And I hope to keep hearing from you!

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Cool Things

Okay, a few things. First, yes, we have power again and are safe and sound! Thanks for all your concern over the last few days.

Second, in case you missed it, The Selection is heading to China! As with most of the translations, I'm not sure when it will be there, but I'm working on that. Honest!

And third, The Selection Series Facebook page posted the playlist for The Selection! A few quick notes about this: What You Wish For by Guster is on there twice, but it's only in the playlist once. And there are two songs on the list that didn't have, but I wanted you to know they were in there: It's a Disaster by OK Go, and Spinning by Jack's Mannequin. I hope you have fun lining up songs and scenes!

In not exactly an update news, I'm hoping to share some info about the CW pilot soon. I have to get the ok from some peeps first!

And... that's it. This time next week, I'll be snuggling with Zuzu! Wahooooo!