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Over the years, I've prided myself in personally responding to all the emails readers would send me. Then a little while after The Selection came out, I had to start using a form response. And then there were so many emails I could hardly make time to read them all! It's a really cool problem to have, but I've felt very guilty about not being able to write back. So, as of today, there is no longer an email form on my contact page. I make myself very available through twitter, tumblr, and facebook, and if there are brief questions, I can usually answer them there. Also! I do have an FAQ page, and 90% of the time, the things you're asking about are already answered there.

I hope that those of you who want to say hi will still stop by and tweet at me from time to time. I'm having to cut back on some things to keep doing this job well, and I think this will make things smoother for all of us.

If you happen to have questions about rights or events, my agent and my publicist are both listed on my contact page and will be able to help with professional inquiries.

Thanks for being so enthusiastic, guys! And I hope to keep hearing from you!