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Getting Signed Books!

So you guys responded pretty quickly to that whole signed book thing, and I got a little message from my local B&N with some notes. Please keep the following in mind when calling to place an order:

They can only ship within the US.

They can only accept payment from within the US.

They can only accept payments via credit cards.

They cannot take requests for personalized books.


What will most likely be happening is that I will be signing some bookplates for them to keep on hand so you don’t have to wait for your book to ship. I’m hoping this will mean that more of you can get an autograph, since I can’t come everywhere. Thanks so much for your patience while we get this new system going, and do me a huge favor and always be nice to the people you talk to at my B&N. They’ve always been really great to me!

Again, if you want to call and order a signed book, here’s the number: 540.381.4923