The Crown is Coming!

I've been getting a lot of questions about the different versions of The Crown, and since the release is right around the corner, I wanted to explain all the options and hopefully clear up any confusion about which one you should buy. So, here are your choices:

1. The original: This is just the story, as is, no bonus anything. This will be available at Walmart, Amazon, indie bookstores, and B&N and Target once their exclusive version runs out (more on that below). A great option for those who simply want the story.

2. The B&N special edition: This comes with a bonus epilogue and a poster featuring the cover of The Heir on one side and The Crown on the other. Personally, I think the epilogue alone makes this one worth getting, and if you come through signing lines with posters, I can sign them as well. A great option if you want to have every last piece of information that is cannon to the series. I’d suggest doing a pre-order for this one, since they’re only doing ONE RUN and once they’re sold out, that’s it. As you might have guessed, they are ONLY AVAILABLE at Barnes and Noble.

3. The Target special edition: This has fan art that I hand picked to be featured on the end papers of the book. Some of it you’ve probably seen before, but I can now tell you that they look even better in print! I’m unsure of the run on these, but they are exclusive to Target and should be easily available in stores. If you pre-order through Target, I assume this is the version you would get. You may want to contact them directly to be sure. I would also assume they will only be printed once and then the original version will be on shelves. So if you want this one, get it early. Great if you’re into making art for books, as I found them very inspiring.

So those are the three different versions of The Crown that will be out in the world. Now, for some follow up questions I've gotten:

1. No, there are no pre-signed copies available. Pre-signing is very painful and time consuming, so I've had to stop. The only way to get this autographed is to find me in real life.

2. I don't know what will or will not be made available internationally. Sometimes places like Barnes and Noble will share their exclusive content, and sometimes they won't. This is completely out of my hands, and the only way you might be able to learn if these will be options is to ask the publisher for my books in your country. They should have twitter accounts, so ask away!

3. You will be able to tell the difference in the books based on stickers on the cover. If you look at my instagram post, you can see them on the front. But if you're unsure, open the book! The poster and the fan art are easily visible, so you should have no problem identifying them that way.

I think that's everything. If you have any other questions, it would be best to contact the stores directly as they will have better information than I do. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, and don't forget to wear your crowns May 3rd to celebrate release day!