The Guard, The Selection Stories

An Update on The Selection Stories and The Guard

So it’s 2014. February is just around the corner which means that very soon, you will be able to get your hands on The Guard and The Selection Stories. I’ve been aching for a while to talk about every little thing you’re going to get in The Selection Stories, so grab your Skittles and pay attention, because this is everything that’s going to be in bind-up:

-The long awaited novella from Aspen’s point of view, The Guard.

-The Prince. But not just any old version. An extended version. You heard me!

-The complete list of the Selected girls

-The breakdown of the castes

-A Q&A with me. I’m Kiera. I wrote the books.

-The playlist for The Selection, along with where lyrics tie into lines from the book.

-The same thing for The Elite’s playlist.

-America, Aspen, and Maxon’s family trees with some bonus details to explain their families.

-And, of course, the first three chapters of The One!


Now, if you’ve already purchased The Prince, and you don’t want all that extra stuff, you can still order the ebook of The Guard and receive the first two chapters of The One with that.

Either way, awesome things are coming this year.

Trust me when I say, this is only the cake. The frosting has yet to come. And there will be sprinkles eventually. Trust.

Both go on sale February 4th!

FOLLOW UP: There were several questions raised about content, where to pre-order, and a few other things. I did a blog post to clear things up. Please leave any new questions there, and I'll add on!