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New PO Box!

I'm moving! And my PO box is coming with me. If you ever want to send notes to me, please send them to:

Kiera Cass

PO Box 905

Christiansburg, VA 24068

And while we're discussing the new address, I also need to address a new policy. In the past, I've allowed people to send books to me along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I would sign books and send them back. Due to far too many mistakes that have ended up with me spending tons of money on shipping books, I can no longer do this!

If you would like a signed copy of any of my books, please call the Christiansburg, VA Barnes & Noble at 540.381.4923. You can purchase a book and pay for shipping through them, and I will hop over and sign things a few at a time, which will make things faster and easier for everyone! Also note that I do not respond to post mail. I rarely even answer emails anymore due to time restraints. But if you want to send me a note, I save everything. Thanks, guys!