The Guard

Q&A, The Guard, The Selection Stories


You guys had a lot of questions about The Selection Stories, The Guard, and things that were included, so I’m going to try and clear things up as much as possible.

1 Yes, you read correctly. If you get The Selection Stories, you get three chapters of The One, and if you get The Guard, you get two.

2 It does not matter where you pre-order The Selection Stories from. Amazon, B&N, BAM, or your local indie will all have the same material. The only book that has different content based on where you buy it is the Barnes and Noble special edition of The One which will have a bonus scene and a poster of the cover art for The Selection on one side and The One on the other.

3 No, there is no digital version of The Selection Stories. There is also no hardback version.

4 If you want The Prince or The Guard in print, The Selection Stories is your only option.

5 Yes, I wrote more of The Prince. No, it doesn’t mean I hate Aspen. If you've been hanging around, you know I love both my boys.

6 If you live in Canada, the content is exactly the same. And that goes for any translated versions of the book as well.

7 The content is finalized. We will not be adding a map, extra posters, etc. Sorry!

I think that was everything I saw. If there’s any more confusion, just comment with your questions and I will add to the list! Hope this helps!