my trip to HarperTeen by the numbers

The Selection

My trip to HarpterTeen by the numbers

Number of places that advertised angus bulls for sale: 1

Number of times I considered getting an angus bull for a pet: 9

Number of jack-o-lanterns sitting on pedestals by the side of the road: 1

Number of dead deer by the side of the road: 34

Number of times that froke me out because I hit a deer this year: 34

Number of ferry rides: 2

Number of quarters Elana gave me to ride the bus: 9

Number of CDs that comprise the Twilight audio book: 11

Number of CDs I made it through: 9.2

Number of little red velvet cupcakes I devoured: 1… shockingly

Number of awesome things I heard about the future of The Selection: A GAZILLION!

I had a seriously fantastic time hanging with my agent, editor, and all the brilliant minds at HarperTeen. I’m kind of nerd, and I was already amped up, and then they gave me caffeine so it was a bit of a blur. But! I did feel completely welcomed and at home. Seriously, I think I could pitch a tent in the conference room and be totally fine living there.

Someone asked me how this compared to self-publishing, and the truth is… IT’S SO MUCH BETTER! Yes, I can sit and write and make a pretty okay story on my own. But they know how to make it sparkle on the inside, blind you with beauty on the outside, and then make it as easy as possible for people to know the book actually exists. It’s wonderful.

True story: When Elana had the book out on submission, I wondered where we might end up. I would look at the books on my shelf and think about the ones I’d like to share a home with. So many of them were my HarperTeen books. I didn’t really think it was possible for little ol’ me to be a part of such a giant banquet of awesome, but I’m sitting at the table, people. And it’s great.