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Q&A, The One

Barnes & Noble Special Edition Q&A

Hey guys, just wanted to follow up on my post on the signed version of the Barnes and Noble special edition. If I missed anything, let me know and I'll add on!

1 Will this be available in other countries?

No. Very sorry, but no. But I’m working on international trips, so maybe I’ll get to see you and sign your books one day.

2 I ordered my special edition a while back, so will it be one of the limited ones signed?

No. I know this is confusing, but this is a separate book.  Some people will want the poster and scene, but don’t care about getting the signature. Because of that, it’s two different things. I’m really sorry about the reordering! Hopefully things will be clearer if we ever do this again. If you only want the bonus scene and poster, click here. If you want the bonus scene, poster, and a signature, click here.

3 Will these be in Barnes and Noble? Can I walk into a store and get one?

Honestly, no idea on that one. I think it might depend on how many people actually order it. I would assume the leftover ones would go to big city areas. Again, that’s just a guess.

4 This only says it’s signed. It doesn’t have the same description as the other special edition. Will it still have the poster and bonus scene?

Yes! I’m not sure why they’re different, but it will absolutely have the bonus material.

5 Will this be in paperback or in hardcover?

This will only be available in the first print run of the hardback. After that, you’ll have to track me down.

6 Will there be another way to access the bonus scene?

No. It will only be in the Barnes and Noble special edition.