The Selection Release Party

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The Selection Release Party!

In life there are things you don’t turn down. Like the chance to eat cupcakes and wear tiaras. Therefore, I had a release party for The Selection. Now, release parties aren’t something that you have to do. For me, it was about celebrating, which is why my setup looks an awful lot like a birthday party. That’s pretty much what it was.

And it was awesome. 

I had so many wonderful surprises that day, including friends unexpectedly coming in from out of town, Liz running around in a flaming red wig, and the line that seemed to go on and on of people wanting to pick up the book! But, I wanted to share with you the top three moments of the day:

Number Three: This guy drove up from Charlotte (about a three hour trek) to get a copy of The Selection signed for his wife who couldn’t make it. That chick is rad, and her husband is rad, and that made my day. It was humbling.

Number Two: Nothing makes me happier than to see a guy in line! Love to see the boys reading my books. So when this one guy came in, gushed all over me, and asked to get a picture together, I was totally stoked. And then, seconds later, he tried to walk out the door without paying for his book… I don’t know if he just spaced out or thought the books were free, but it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE telling him he had to go pay for it. But I’ll never forget it.

And Number One: I had lots of free things at the party. There were cupcakes for anyone passing by, tons of bookmarks, and I even gave away goodies at random to people coming in the store. But the one thing I wasn’t expecting to be taken was my décor. I threw a bunch of random teal and silver and white things in my bag, not knowing what I’d use when we set up. There was a lot of space in front of the cupcakes, so my mom put out these glass stones I had. After a few minutes of milling around the cupcakes, this older woman picks up the stones in her hands, looks and me and asks “Are these free?” I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just said yes, and she took a handful. Then, after walking away and deciding she hadn’t grabbed the right colors, she came back and switched some out. I was cracking up!

All in all, it was an awesome day, and the dedication of some readers along with the randomness of others made it completely unforgettable. I can’t thank the people who came out enough, or the wonderful gang at the Christiansburg Barnes & Noble for making the whole thing feel easy.

When I have a release party for Book 2, I’ll be expecting everyone to show up in ball gowns. Even the boys. So prepare yourselves.