On Finishing...

On my bookshelf I have hundreds of books. In fact, save a couple of purples and a handful of oranges, I’m completely out of space for new ones. Sad face. But that’s not my point. I looked through all these books for ones that were series, trilogies, or had sequels and discovered I have 23 series in my collection. Of those, I’ve only completed 7. That’s it!

Of the 16 remaining, 6 don’t have the sequels out yet, but I’m sure there are 2 I’m not interested in. There are also 6 that I haven’t either finished or started the first book.

Umm. So. I’m writing a trilogy... How do I get people to stick around until the very end?

I’ve been thinking over all the series I’ve finished, trying to exclude the ones that are huge like Harry Potter and Twilight, and looking to pinpoint the things that made me have to get the next one. I think I’ve realized that, for me, it almost always comes down to characters.

I will go through anything in a story for boys I’ve got crushes on or girls I want to be BBFs with. Even a person I absolutely despise, I’ll stick it out to make sure they get what they deserve. I just have to connect. And how do you write characters people connect with?

I have no effing clue.

But I’m trying. And I hope when the time comes for you to meet them that they’re the type of people you care about. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What about you? Do you finish every series you start? What makes you stick it out?