Philippines FAQ

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Philippines FAQ!

Are you really coming to the Philippines?

Yes. This is real. This is happening. You need to prepare yourselves.

Are the events free?

Yes! There is a registration before the event to see what order you get your book signed in, but they are both free. You might need to purchase a book to have signed, but if you already have a copy purchased from National Book Store, Powerbooks, or Bestsellers, you’re good to go.

What will you be doing?

My guess is mostly answering questions, signing books, and taking pictures.

Will you sign more than one book?

Yes. I’ll sign as many books as you bring me. The book store has a note about maybe cutting off too many pictures or books if things are taking too long, but that is really up to them. Personally, I’m coming to the other side of the world for you guys. You’re why I’m there. I’ll stay there all night. I promise you, if you come to meet me, you will get that chance.

Will you be going anywhere else in the Philippines?

No. We’ll get into Manila, do some media stuff, do the signing, head over to Cebu, do the signing there, and then it’s more flights and home. We’ll have a little down time, but we’re using it for just that: down time! I hope that you can make it out to one of the events because I’m not sure if/when I’ll be out that way again.

Are you bringing Guyden and Zuzu?

No. They’ll be with the grandparents.

Will you bring copies of The Siren?

Unfortunately, no. Mostly for the sake of easy packing, and also because I’m out of copies. I’m going to try to find a way to make this book more accessible. Sorry guys!

When I come to the signing, can I dress up?

The more appropriate question is: WHY WOULDN’T YOU DRESS UP?!!?!?! Seriously, it always makes me happy to see people wearing tiaras to my events, so go for it!

I made this thing for you, can I bring it?

Maybe. Again, because I have to pack and take things through customs, I don’t have room for posters or stuffed animals or things like that. If you want to bring something like fan art, please make sure it fits on a regular sheet of typing paper. If you have stuff like cards, pictures, and other flat things, I think that will be okay.

If you have any more questions, check out National Book Store’s FAQ page!