I’ve been getting a lot of similar questions lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to cover them, just in case you were curious yourself. If there’s another big picture question, leave it in the comments, and I’ll try to get to those ASAP.

Goodies. If you have been waiting for goodies, everything has been sent out. If you haven’t gotten your ARC/bookmark/button, please let me know! It might be a while before I can do more givaways. I might try to do a blogtv soon, but I can't promise that. But in April (not sure if before or after The Selection is out), I’ll be doing some GIANT giveaways. I seriously can’t wait.

ARCs & Interviews. If you’re looking for ARCs, I no longer have any. Sadface. And from what I hear, HarperTeen is out as well. The Selection is now out in less than 50 days, so just hold on a bit longer! I’m also not doing any more interviews right now as there will be a blog tour soon, and I want to make sure to give those bloggers something fresh. If you’re willing to talk to me in the fall, I’m all over it!

TV Stuff. Basically, I know what you guys know, except that I have also read the script. I find out about castings, locations, and dates from the internet. Mainly via my stalker mother who hunts the web on my behalf. I don’t have any secret news to offer, which is for the best. I can keep secrets if I must, but it’s not my favorite thing to do. I have zero say over the casting, so if you’re trying to get into that, I think you have to goggle that info. Sorry! To anyone still auditioning, best of luck! I think our team is AMAZING so far!

Touring. Currently, there are no plans for me to do a book tour. I’m doing my best to take advantage of any traveling I’ll be doing with my family, and I’ll make you aware of those dates as they come along. If you want me to come to a specific high school, library, or something like that, I’m afraid that’s something your school (or whatever) would have to pay for. I can’t afford to travel at random. I so wish I could, because I’m giddy to meet as many of you as I can! But, alas, I cannot. And you can always check the events page to see if or when I’ll be near you.

Translations. At the moment, the only places besides the US where The Selection will be available are France, Germany, The UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I understand some more deals are in the works, so if there’s nothing for where you are at the moment, hold tight!

I feel like there were other things, but I’m very forgetful right now. So, again, leave stuff in the comments, and I’ll try to get to them soon!