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Cover Art Competition

Ok, when I announced this at the LAST POSSIBLE minute, I didn't expect to get much back, but you guys, AS ALWAYS, totally delivered. I just wanted to show some of my faves.

This one from Hannah gives that whole Cinderella vibe. Cinderella was part of what inspired this story, so I'm all about that. Also, the blue. I dig the blue. 


This one from Allison is so whimsical and lovely! Also, I dig the dress! And there's something both uplifting and isolating about the picture, which I just plain old like.

This pile of crazy comes from Liz. As the other half of the twicurls Liz. Yeah, she pulled out the old Victoria wig and did this for me. Because she's read the book, she put special things in this... but it basically looks like America drang a jar full of moonshine and passed out. I love it, but because of Liz's close, personal relationship, she can't win. Which leads me to...


Now, I had to make it small enough to fit, so I don't know if you can make out the writing on the back. But honestly, that doesn't even matter! I'm all over this idea. Kayla did this, and I'm shocked by how much she nailed! I think it's mysterious, as is the true cover, and without even knowing of America's songbird necklace, there are birds here, people. Birds! And then this sense of longing it gives. Yeah. This one wins! Congrats, Kayla, a signed ARC will be heading your way soon!

Thanks to everyone who participated! They were incredible, and I can't believe how talented you all are!