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Good Company (& Rad Names)

So I noticed something cool the other day. Well, it’s cool to me.

You see, I wrote this book… you might remember me talking about it? Anyway, it’s about princesses. Sort of. Well, it’s about royalty, I guess. And you might have heard that Shannon Hale, after something like five years, has made a sequel to The Princess Academy. It’s out next fall, I think. Then this chick, Cameron Dokey, has this book Once coming out in February. It’s a packaging of three new takes on old school fairytales. And then this girl who seriously has one of the most amazing names on the planet... Are you ready for this? Galaxy Craze. GALAXY CRAZE, people! Part of me thinks that has to be made up, but Peekaboo Street is a real name, so… Anyway. Her book, The Last Princess, is out in May.

Notice anything there?

Yeah, there’s a whole lot of princess coming up. This is just what I saw in an afternoon. And I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked about this! For the record, I don’t think this is a trend or anything. It could be, I guess, but I’m not smart enough to know. That’s not what this is about anyway. For me, it’s about company. I feel like there’s this wave of similar stories, so that if people like one of ours, there will be a lot of similar books out there at the same time. And you can get into ALL of them if you want! I don’t know why exactly, but this is comforting to me. Very. But, then again, I’m an odd girl.

Not that odd, though. My name isn’t GALAXY CRAZE! Seriously, isn’t that phenomenal? Ugh! I thought Kiera was such a cool name, and I’m totally jealous now.

And here’s where the post swerves completely off the map: If you could change your name, what would it be?

Besides Kiera Marie Pattinson (Oh, my love)… I think I’d go with Paradox Anne Cass. I’ve always thought x’s in names looked cool.

Your turn!