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Okay, I am nerdishly in love with pretty much everything you guys said. You’re all so creative, and it’s clear the same old damsel in distress isn’t what’s expected of a princess these days. I seriously wish I had enough goodies to hand out to all of you, but I had to whittle it down. Below are a couple of my faves:

  • Princesses must be able to charm wild animals with their singing voice.- Rachael L
  • Remind yourself! You are never ugly, the mirror is just broken, or people need glasses.- Sarah M
  • A princess must have hair straight out of a Pantene commercial. If it doesn’t have a shine factor of at least 8, she’ll be suspected of being an imposter.- Lauren K
  • Wear comfortable high heels, nothing is more unattractive than a girl limping around the ball room saying I'm alright while they are clutching onto your arms crying ouch every five seconds.- Ryan

Rachael, Sarah, Lauren, and Ryan, please send me your address via the contact form here on my website, and I will send you each a signed bookmark. You guys get an honorable mention for your general awesomeness!

As for our big winner… when I came across this entry, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself:

1st RULE: You do NOT talk about BEING A PRINCESS
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about BEING A PRINCESS
3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp... Wait. I'm thinking about the wrong book, aren't I?

Ha! Even posting this makes me giggle! So congratulations, Kayla B, you win a signed ARC of The Selection (and I’ll shove a bookmark in there too)!

Thank you guys for all playing along. And if you didn’t win, hop on over to my YouTube channel for another chance!

The Selection, contests

Three Royal Rules (A giveaway!)

So, it’s giveaway time! I’ve been wanting to give out the last little ARCs I’ve had hiding in my room for a while, and this is the moment, people! So, if you would like to get a signed ARC of The Selection, here’s what you need to do:

     1.      Live in the US. Sorry.

     2.      Be awesome. Easy. Done. Check.

     3.      In the comments below give me your three rules that all princesses should live by.

To help you out, here are my Three Royal Rules:

     1.      Princesses NEVER take off their tiaras, no matter the occasion.

     2.      Princesses NEVER turn down chocolate.

     3.      Princesses ALWAYS take naps.

             a. The time and duration of said naps are left up to the discretion of the princess. Of course.

And there you have it! That's how things would be if I was in charge. Now, it's your turn. If you want to get creative and post pictures or something, just leave a link to your blog in the comments instead. I’ll chose and announce a winner next Monday! And there might be a few runner up type things, because I hate making decisions. So yeah.

If you happen to follow me on YouTube or Facebook, stay tuned. ARCs heading that way as well. Wahoo! Happy princessing!

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Cover Art Competition

Ok, when I announced this at the LAST POSSIBLE minute, I didn't expect to get much back, but you guys, AS ALWAYS, totally delivered. I just wanted to show some of my faves.

This one from Hannah gives that whole Cinderella vibe. Cinderella was part of what inspired this story, so I'm all about that. Also, the blue. I dig the blue. 


This one from Allison is so whimsical and lovely! Also, I dig the dress! And there's something both uplifting and isolating about the picture, which I just plain old like.

This pile of crazy comes from Liz. As the other half of the twicurls Liz. Yeah, she pulled out the old Victoria wig and did this for me. Because she's read the book, she put special things in this... but it basically looks like America drang a jar full of moonshine and passed out. I love it, but because of Liz's close, personal relationship, she can't win. Which leads me to...


Now, I had to make it small enough to fit, so I don't know if you can make out the writing on the back. But honestly, that doesn't even matter! I'm all over this idea. Kayla did this, and I'm shocked by how much she nailed! I think it's mysterious, as is the true cover, and without even knowing of America's songbird necklace, there are birds here, people. Birds! And then this sense of longing it gives. Yeah. This one wins! Congrats, Kayla, a signed ARC will be heading your way soon!

Thanks to everyone who participated! They were incredible, and I can't believe how talented you all are!



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Oops! (& free stuff)

As I readjust to life after our massive and awesome New York trip, I'm having a very hard time staying on schedule. I'm blogging and posting videos at strange times, nearly forgetting about Question Tuesday... I don't even know who I am anymore! To make up for my shameful shenanigans, I offer up delicious words via a signed copy of Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr.

Darkest Mercy is the final book in the Wicked Lovley series and the conclusion of one of my favoritest stories ever. Also, I love all the covers of these books! Isn't it glorious? If you haven't been reading these, you need to get on it. Just saying. Anyway, if you'd like to win this, here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Go find @melissa_marr on twitter.

Step 2: Say something nice to her.

Step 3: Tell me you did that in the comments below.

Aaaand that's it! East enough right? And I will be creeping about making sure you were nice to Melissa, so no cheaters! Also, this is only open to US residents. Sorry, everyone else in the world.

And, hopefully, I'll get used to life in Blacksburg again real soon. :)

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For my next trick, I will post a blog with a toddler on my lap.

So people have asked for my advice on how to start a book. I’m here to tell you, I have no freaking clue.

I only recently put the pieces together on how this all started coming together for me, and I’m not going to talk about that today. But I do know that once the ball started rolling, it was hard to stop. I wrote because I couldn’t help myself. If you’re determined though, there are a few things that most everyone agrees are good ways to start.

Reading is step one. If you don’t know what to write, you should read. It’s good to get a feel for the way words flow, for how a story should start and end. Think about the stories you love and what’s so awesome about them, and then try to make it your own. Also, reading other people’s work is a great way to start dreaming up your own ideas. This is ridiculous, but once while reading Harry Potter, I invented a girlfriend for him. The idea spun off of itself several times, to the point I had this really cool girl with this really cool gift in my head. Thanks, JK. Or try picking a line from a book and writing what you think should come next. Start with something indistinct. Like avoid character names.

I just opened up A Certain Slant of Light to pick one out for you, but there are too many pretty lines to choose. Just go read a book, okay?

Next, try journaling. Get into the habit of writing. This was one of the big pieces for me. And pretty self-explanatory, yes?

And, as silly as it sounds, you need to daydream. You must. I once read that Stephenie Meyer came up with her ideas because she sat around telling herself stories when she was bored and was shocked to find out that not everyone did that. And I was like… they don’t? I spend time in my head. I have friends that only exist up there. I listen to music and look at pictures. I look at jewelry and houses. I smell things. There’s a beautiful and terrible world around you to draw from. Take it in, bend it, and share it.

And, I guess on the other end, is writer’s block. You get into your story and have no idea what to do next. First, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stepping away from something and coming back to it. Unless you’re on a deadline, give your story room to breathe. Work on something else and give yourself a chance to miss it.

The block usually comes from not understanding something. I’ve mentioned before that for The Siren, I mapped out Akinli’s house, drew the girls’ dresses, made playlists. Those things helped me jump back into the story. If you don’t know what’s going on with a character, you need to ask them. If you don’t know what’s happening next, maybe there’s something you don’t get about your world. Step back and look. Usually, the next chapter is right in front of you.

Is that too vague? I don’t know. But I guess that leaves room for you to ask questions, so yay!

Oh, also! Congrats to Belinda, Kaylyn, BarelyBueno, Maya L, and Lily! Please send your addresses to kierasfriends at gmail dot com, and I will get you your goodies as soon as possible. Wahoo!