The Elite, The One, The Selection

Inspiration Week! Day 2!

Today, we’re going to move from America’s home to the tree house. Namely, to the boy who waits there for her. Yes, today we’re looking at Aspen Leger.

Now, the image that I’ve had saved for Aspen the longest (which, I admit, is a bit of a shocker) is this one:

I know Efron is a strange choice, especially because when I see him, I sometimes think of Maxon. But it isn’t his facial features here that grab me so much as how dirty he looks. He seems gritty in his jeans and his boots. He looks like he’s been through something. There’s energy and exhaustion in him, fighting to control his reaction to things. I don’t know, something in all that screams ASPEN to me.

Also, when I ran across that little line at the top, I knew that was his. I feel for Aspen. I think he and America both always wanted to be more open about loving each other, at least to their families. But America’s mother wouldn’t have it, and so it feels like they both kept the secret for her sake, not his. When they get to the palace, well, that’s a bit trickier.

If you’ve read The Selection Stories, you know how much Aspen regrets his decision their last night in the tree house, and you’ve seen his history through his family tree that somewhat explains where his worries come from. I can kind of see that in the expression here, too. Thinking, looking ahead, trying to plan for every possible scenario.

I get a lot of hate over Aspen, lots of people saying they wish he’d just die. I’m not going to try and convince you how special he is. But Aspen has a sacred place in my heart, and he always will.

More tomorrow!