Recent Reads #7

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Release date: It’s out, yo!

The general idea: It’s Paranormalcy, only better!

Thoughts upon seeing the cover art: Evie, Evie, cute and creepy, how does your garden grow?

It made me feel: glad that I’m not responsible for anything crucial. Just a kid and some books.

Romance: It’s there and full of angst.

Highlight: SODA! And intrigue!

Read it if you like: Pink (the musician), Pink (the Victoria’s Secret brand), and pink (the color). Or if you hate gym.

Rating: a 6-pack of Sprite, drunk REALLY fast.


Variant by Robison Wells

Release date: October 4th, which is great. Creepy time of year, creepy kind of book. They're pretty much BFFs.

The general idea: High school with cameras. But not the MTV type. The STOP LOOKING AT ME type.

Thoughts upon seeing the cover art: Dang it! Didn’t you get the memo about not wearing red into the Forrest of Blue?! Seriously, you ruin everything.

It made me feel: like doing the robot. *dances*

Romance: Oh yeah. The confusing type!

Highlight: Delicious tension.

Read it if you like: Reality television, mechanics, The Fox and the Hound.

Rating: Three contraband beverages sipped quietly while your roommate sleeps.


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephenie Perkins

Release date: It’s out, hotties!

The general idea: I don’t want to be in France, but if I must, I shall make out with this hottie.

Thoughts upon seeing the cover art: Bonjour, hottie.

It made me feel: a yearning for dorm life and hotties.

Romance: Hello, Hottie McHottiepants.

Highlight: Hotties.

Read it if you like: Hotties.

Rating: Two hot chocolates with whipped cream. Served on a hottie’s washboard abs.


One Day by David Nicholls

Release date: It’s out. And it's totally a movie.

The general idea: I can’t stand you! (Twenty years pass) Ok, I kind of love you…

Thoughts upon seeing the cover art: Do mimes vomit neon?

It made me feel: dizzy. I may have been holding my breath a lot.

Romance: Yes. Oh, very yes. The slow burn to the point of perfection/ insanity.

Highlight: Lovely, slow storytelling.

Read it if you like: The 20th century, protests, and crying.

Rating: Three inches of vodka gulped down right before the most important moment of your life.