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Why You Shouldn't Tell Me Things

All I want to know is how am I supposed to keep all these secrets for nearly four years? That’s ALL I want to know, people. Because I’ve been itching to just hand over The Selection to the world for months, and now that the second book is starting to take shape, all I can think about is the things I’ve hidden in these books. I wonder what you’ll guess by certain points. Have I made things too vague? Have I made them too obvious? And, either way, how am I supposed to resist talking about them until it’s all out there!? Gaaahhh! I don’t know how people do it.

I am terrible at keeping secrets. Do you know how much I hated my life when I found out I was pregnant while Callaway was in Taiwan, and I couldn’t tell a soul for two days because he HAD to be the first to know? TWO DAYS, people! I thought I would die. And now I’m staring at years in front of me with all these delicious secrets that no one gets to see but me. Well, and a handful of people behind the scenes, but that’s not nearly enough to satisfy me.

Sigh. I think this is a test from God.