So the one thing you need to master if you want to be a writer is patience, right? That’s what everyone says.  The querying process can take months, and when you land an agent, it can be a while that your book is in a pre-editing phase or out on submission. And then, once it sells, it will be a while before you get your contract and then a while after that before you get your advance. And then it’s typically 18-24 months between the time you sign the contract and your book is actually on shelves.

But you know what else will happen?

At some point, you will have edits for your short story due and copyedits for your first novel due at the same time while you’re making epic decisions about your book’s future on the week the last Harry Potter movie comes out and your toddler gets pinkeye.

It’s all about balance.

Sometimes things will feel so slow you’re positive someone pressed the rewind button on your life. Others, you will be wishing those stupid timeturner things were real because there’s no way to do everything you’re supposed to in the hours allotted. Not possible.

It’s crazy. And I kind of love it.