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Recent Reads #4

Teach Me by R.A. Nelson- Nine is a student of people. And she already knows everyone in her small town and is bored out of her effing mind. So when her new poetry teacher proves to be more than typical, she develops a little crush on him. When he returns her feelings, the two begin a full-on affair that ends… badly. Honestly, I was disappointed. When I can figure out just why everything is going down and call a line or motive chapters before it’s pointed out, I get angry. My suggestion? If you’re going to read a book about student-teacher affairs, go with Boy Toy by Barry Lyga . I mean, it’s all kind of strange territory, but that one delivers a much stronger punch to the gut.


The Clearing by Heather Davis- The story follows Amy as she relocates to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. As she settles in, she discovers the edge of her aunt’s property leads through a mist and into a clearing. On the other side of the mist, Henry and his family have been frozen in time for 60+ years.  Now, while I’m not crazy about the circumstances that led to the pause of time for Henry, I really liked the story itself. It’s brief and easy to read, not too bogged down with details, and fun if you’re the type that enjoys suspending your disbelief for a while. It’s romantic and doesn’t have the predictable happily ever after, but still delivers a last burst of… joy. That’s the only word I can think of! 


The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer- It’s no secret I’m a Twilight fan. I’ve been looking forward to the guide for a while. So when it turned out that I knew everything in the book except for maybe three really cool details, I was bummed. I guess that’s what you get for being super involved.



Harry Potter: Film wizardry by Brian Sibley- This book is so freaking cool. Now, I dig the books, but this is one of those things where the movies have brought some really great details to the story. That’s not always the case. So if you happen to love the movies, you must check out this book. There are tons of details on production and character development, not to mention your very own Marauder’s Map, Hogwarts letter, and a few Educational Decrees to hang on your wall. Just being able to pull those out makes my inner nerd swell with pride.


So, clearly, the HP guide was my favorite read of the month. I’m kind of bummed that nothing else seemed to deliver. My reading time is being squished out of my life, so when I sit down with a book, I want it to be awesome. I guess that’s just unrealistic, but still. I’ve got a few books set aside for May, and I’m hoping they don’t let me down.

Have you read any of these books? Got any faves?