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The Joys of Research

I’m very curious as to what other people have done to get into the worlds they’ve created. I know sometimes to make a fictitious world work, you have to research things in the real life.

I know Simone Elkeles went to a juvenile detention center when she wrote Leaving Paradise and Sarah Darer Littman worked with the FBI while writing Want to go Private. I think that’s all kinds of amazing. I went to Maine when I wrote The Siren, and loved doing that, but this time around… I’m feeling couch-bound.

So far most of my research for writing The Selection has involved starting to watch The Bachelor since everything I know about elimination dating I learned from Flavor of Love. (FLAVOR FLAAAAAVE!) Also, with this whole royal wedding thing going down with Prince William, they’re showing lots of specials on the royal family, which is quite enlightening for me. Oh, and Miss America. Can’t forget Miss America.

I think next time around I’m going to write something that requires me living with nuns or dying my hair purple or something ridiculous. I need cooler stories behind my stories. For now, it’s Monday, and that means it’s Bachelor night, and so far, I like Emily. Just saying. ;)

What about you? Have you done anything cool in the name of research?