My Hubby

So about 7 years ago when Callaway and I got married, I was taking medication that made me kind of depressed. There were days when I had a hard time remembering how great my husband was, so I made a little book of all the things he'd done for me so I could read it when I was sad. Once my stint with the pills was over, I kept up with the book, adding things to it. So today, in honor of Valentine's goodness, I want to share some of the awesomeness that has happened over the years. This is how they appear, as notes written to myself...

While you were raking up leaves in the yard, he let you blow your nose on his sleeve.

He slow danced with you on the sidewalk outside Barnes & Nobel.

He sang to you "'You light up my life, Blah blah blah blah'... And I really mean those blahs."

A few months after you got married and before you had money to get cable, the Summer Olympics began. Callaway went out and got an antenna so that you could get 2 stations, and 1 of them had the Olympics. It was sweet that he remembered how much you love them.

He gave you a gift in an NSYNC bag.

He took you bowling and said he'd give you a massage if you won. When you lost, he gave you one anyway. 

He said "I haven't come home with flowers for no reason in a while. So I got you a lottery ticket."

He mowed your initials into the lawn.

When you started dating, he went out and bought strawberry Pop Tarts so there would always be at least one thing for you to eat when you went to his apartment.

He said "You're like a thousand fully functioning channels of HD."

When you later read him the quote about the HD thing he said "Make it two million."


A few weeks after you were married, the tiara you wore on your wedding day was sitting on the kitchen table. Callaway was pushing it around and you said "Go ahead, honey, put on your crown" thinking it would be cute to see your new husband in a tiara. And he came over to you, grabbed you by your knees, and tried to put you on his head.


{Proverbs 12:4- A worthy wife is her husband's crown and joy, a shameful wife saps his strength.}


Anyway, those are some of my faves. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and celebrate the people who love you in all the many different versions of the word. XOXO