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Here’s the thing about authors: we are not movie stars. I do not have a hard time remembering what Rob Pattinson looks like because his gorgeous, glorious, delicious face is everywhere. I know what he looks like. I also might dream about him a little bit... So, yeah, I could pick him out of a lineup. Easy.

We are also not rock stars. Musicians have it slightly harder than actors, because I can love a band (like The Fray) and not even know the lead singer’s name (truth). And if he walked past me this afternoon, I’d have no clue it was him. Music videos get way less action these days, and even if the CD has the band’s picture on the front, it doesn’t matter because you probably bought the MP3. And MP3s are made of space magic. But sometimes you just know who someone is. Britney Spears, for example. Can’t miss her if you try.

Authors are not like that. We are not movie stars or rock stars. We are word stars. That’s what people know. They know our words, our characters. We have a special kind of fame. You could be a New York Times Bestseller and still go to the grocery store without anyone giving a crap what you wore. And thank goodness for that.

This is how it is. Since book covers have pictures of pretty girls on them or fruit or whatever as opposed to the author’s face, I don’t know every author. Not even all the YA ones.

But isn’t that okay? Shouldn’t our characters be the big deal? I mean, I look at The Selection and know my characters are way more interesting than me. You should totally be paying attention to them. If anything, I’m just a pawn in their sick games. Wakey, wakey, Kiera! We have a story for you to tell! We’re going to make you crazy about it! Weeeeee!

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes. You should know.

So, I give you permission to not recognize me. I give you permission to not know I self-published a book before The Selection or that I make videos on youtube. In fact, I give you permission to not give a crap about me at all. At the end of the day, I don’t really matter so much.


I hope with all my heart that you do know my characters. I hope you love them! I hope you stay up nights thinking about them and consider getting things they say tattooed on you somewhere and make quizzes to figure out which one you’re the most like. These are my deepest wishes.

I’m a word star. I hope you like my words. If you happen to like/know/tweet at me, that’s a perk. But I’m totally fine without it.