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This is just a quick note, as there's not much to say today. (SIDE NOTE: Next week there will be MUCH to say. Stay tuned.) But I was realizing this morning how lucky I am to have so much support in my life. Today I met with my friend Carl for coffee (hot chocolate for me) and we caught up. I haven't seen Carl in about seven years, even though he also lives in Blacksburg. He used to be my boss when I was an RA at Radford. I could tell slightly shocking stories... but I won't.

Anyway, all this time later, we're talking about our kids, our general weirdness, our jobs, and I pull out the cover for The Selection so he can see it... and he is just super happy for me. It's been years, and he looks like he could do a backflip. And it's not just him. My parents and in-laws squeal when there's new news, and Callaway is behind the scenes helping things go smoothly. Elana and Erica are on the business side of this all, doing my math and making sure the final product is amazing. Even the chicks at Guyden's daycare ask about what's going on and are always happy for updates. I am in a cocoon of support!

I'm so ridiculously lucky.

But not everyone is. If you don't have someone in your life who is there to tell you what could be tweaked in your work or you can update with your query stats, FIND THAT PERSON! If you can't find someone in real life, get online. There are tons of resources, the first in my mind being You can post your writing, discuss the trials of the publishing world, and if you're as lucky as Leigh Fallon, actually land a deal. I know, right?!

All I'm saying is, it's tough. You need at least one person in your life who can say "I can see your book on my bookshelf". Maybe you need to be that person for someone else. I don't know. But I've learned that this is hard to do alone. So don't.