Why 2010 Didn't Suck

     I am hopefully ambitious. I always think that I’m going to be able to do more than I actually can. And this is the time of year when I rise to a stupid level of ambition because in just a few short days, the New Year will be upon us. And you know what that means…

     I’ve made a point of saying that I make New Year’s goals, NOT resolutions. Resolutions are kind of vague or poorly defined in my opinion. Like “manage my time better” or “work out more”. Eh. I mean, it sounds nice, but what’s your quantifiable way of measuring it? I say real stuff like “learn to hula hoop” or “ride an elephant”, both of which I did. I also rode a horse, ran a 5k, and wrote a book. Cool stuff happens when you write it down.

     Usually, I make a list of 10 and generally hit between 6-8. This year I made a list of 5... I don’t want to talk about how bad I failed. The only goal I actually achieved was to write more poetry, and all I did was make haikus for Rob Pattinson and an ode to my agent. Not quite what I was intending to write. I was going to try new foods and learn to play one freaking song on the piano. If I tried new food I didn’t register it, and Guy takes up so much space our keyboard has been hidden upstairs for sometime now.

     So I got 1 out of 5. Sort of.

     And now, it’s time to start dreaming again. Which makes me think if I come just up with awesomer stuff, I can do even better than last year. But what was so awful about last year that makes me think I need to do that?

     I wasn’t playing piano or making cardboard boats because I was raising my child and having tickle fights with my husband. I was participating in fundraisers and spending time doing good things with my church family. I was going to cookie decorating parties and sitting in bookshops with friends. I was brainstorming, shooting, and editing videos of me talking to myself. I was having a blast making things out of paper for my Etsy shop (which I think I’m going to have to do again sometime because it was so much fun). And, need I remind myself, I spent the last year querying, selling, and editing my book.

     Check me out. I rule.

     So for 2011, I’m stepping back from the lists of things that I can check off and aiming for things a little less defined. Less defined, but still important.

     I want to invest in my soul, which sounds strange, I know. I am a spiritual person and it’s hard to be refreshed when your obligations pull you in so many directions. I want to be more intentional about finding time for myself.

     I want to spend time being ridiculous with Callaway. We have so much fun together, but sometimes get too busy to be silly. Silliness is the salvation of marriage.

     I want to get Guyden through the year in one piece. Beyond that, anything is a bonus.

     I want to keep creating. Making videos are kind of a must for me, but I hope I can remember that I started doing it for the sake of having fun, and that’s the spirit I should move forward in. And making my little crafty things… that’s just calming. I need a little calm now and then.

     And I want to make a quality book. It won’t be in your hands for a while, but this next year will be full of edits and cover art and all the little details that make books shine. This time around I’m not alone, so I want to do my part of the job as best I can so that everyone else can do the same.

     And… I think that’s it. Whatever else comes with the year, I’ll roll with it. For now, I’m keeping it simple and having fun.

     What about you? Any goals, hopes, or ambitions? Please share!